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Why the KiwiSun

: 1139 Budapest, Rozsnyai utca 11.
Phone / fax : 06(1) 350-9371
Mobil : 06 (20) 9 651-681
E-mail : franchise@kiwisun.hu

Why the KiwiSun?

KiwiSun is an innovative solarium concept.
Our machines do not contain quartz halogen facial tanner, but we sorely use health conscious facial-, shoulder-, décolletage and leg tanners. 

The infra solarium rehashes the skin surface with its infrared radiation, opens the pores therefore the tanning will be deeper, more beautiful and long-lasting.

Special cosmetics can be reached in KiwiSun salons for speeding up the sun-bathing, deepening and making it persistent and even its ingredients moisturise the skin.

KiwiSun is waiting for customers with its sophisticated design and all sense pampering care throughout Hungary and Europe.

-  Uniform standards and services based on  franchise system 
- Central quality control system 
- Guaranteed replacement of tubes (with official records) 
- Only EU compliant 0,3 W/m2 tested sun beds (official certificates) 
- Skilled staff (Sorely with professional exam)


All receptionists in the KiwiSun salons shall participate in serious and systematic trainings, and even they have to take and exam on the knowledge of solarium knowledge.

Receptionists participate on central educational trainings several times a year where they learn subjects on this profession specifically.

They have to take an exam based on strict franchise rules and they are allowed to work in KiwiSun salons just with excellent exam result and adequate personal ability.

Employees of KiwiSun franchise salons learn based on the following professional knowledge:

-    training in dermatology (with medical lecturers), recognition of skin types and mechanism of tanning, dosing of solarium and frequency advice based on skin types

- cosmetic training (with master cosmetician), special knowledge on for instance how to use sun bed with pimpled skin, in case of pregnancy, effects of each cosmetics... etc.

- communication training (with academic teacher), behavioural, complaint handling and problem solving with situation practice games

- cosmetics knowledge, sales techniques (with foreign instructors, international experts), effect and ingredient of tanning creams, its application and advising

- mental training (with psychologist), self development, patience and self-express technique

- hygiene knowledge (theoretical education and practical  presentations)

- information about the health-conscious bio solariums (technology of the brand new solarium and new solarium tubes, mode of actions and technical parameters

- uniform test exam

- certificate for individuals and award to the salons

- professional practice (on multiple locations and life situation)

Ask immediately the help of the receptionists in the following questions!

1.    What is my skin type?
2.    How long can I tan first time and later, how many minutes right now and when can I come again? (dosing and frequency)
3.    A personal tanning program would be nice for me based on my skin type, can I ask for that?
4.    Which tanning cosmetic shall I use and why that one?

Our receptionists are your consultants as well, do not forget, that they are there for you and you can count on them on the following subjects, so ask them!

1.    General skin care, daily skin care, importance of hydration, liquid intake, function and importance of vitamin supply of the skin.
2.    Lifestyle and calcium intake, function of vitamin D according to the modern medical science.
3.    Types and uses of cosmetics helping in tanning and color retention
4.    Skin protection in sun bed and outdoor.

Our receptionists have adequate knowledge about the risk of the outdoor sun-bathing that is why do not hesitate to contact them, because they present you outdoor tanning cosmetics as well, which are not commercially available.

Moreover, you can ask even more intimate and special personal questions  for your health and comfort, so please feel free to ask them about the followings:

1.    My leg tans longer, what do you suggest?
2.    Shall I use sun bed before or after waxing?
3.    How can I hydrate my lips and mouth during tanning?
4.    I have many tattoos, is tanning not dangerous for me, what do you suggest?
5.    I am pregnant in the 2nd trimester, can I use solarium?

Our receptionists are confident in the newest skincare, skin rejuvenation and renew techniques used in solariums thanks to our education. If you are interested in these questions, you can count on them and they acquaint you.

Our receptionists acquired deep information on the cosmetics (before and after tanning). Therefore beside the traditional tanning speeders, accelerators, color-deepening bronzers and advanced tingle creams, they can advice further special solarium cosmetics for you.

Such as after tanning natural products for the skin of the face, benders, lips, tattoos can be reached in KiwiSun salons that are developed for these special targets.

Cosmetics with different tropical fragrances though nature fruit fragrances to the solid fragrance free cosmetics can be found and even our male customers can find solarium creams with special components and alluring male fragrances.

From our wide range of products educated receptions will suggest you the most suitable and favorable cosmetics.

Trust in us, trust in the team of KiwiSun!

The result will be visible immediately and you won’t believe your eyes.

Just do not forget; if your friends ask you where you got your beautiful skin color just say I am going to the KiwiSun tanning salon.

*dosing suitable for the skin type

** Dr. Nicolai Worm: The healing D- How the sunlight vitamin protects you from heart attack, cancer and other civilisation diseases (book), Szendi Gábor: Sunlight vitamin (book) 

Impresszum   1139 Budapest, Rozsnyai utca 11. Telefon/Fax: (06-1) 350-9371 Mobil: (06-70) 371-3473