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When I was a young girl, everyone made fun of my freckles

When I was a young girl, everyone made fun of me because of my freckles, I have very pale skin.   The ”Ambulance”,   ”Snow-white” a „Little miss polkadot” were not among my favorite terms.   I hated the film ”Pippi Longstocking”. For a long time I wore straw hats and white, long-sleeved shirts all summer long, when we went to the beach.   When I took a trip to India, people looked at me instead of the animals in the zoo :).   When I put on a bit of weight, I think I started to resemble a white Michelin toy, so I started to diet and regularly doing sports became part of my life again.   As a real estate agent, I spend all day travelling the city, my head rings, I freeze to death waiting for my clients, I can hardly wait to escape into a KIWISUN.   It was made for me!   Since I’ve started going there, I have some color, I’m ready for summer and for trips, and in a few minutes I mediate myself until I’m relaxed in the infra solarium with its bird chirping.   I don’t have to stick to the bed, because I go into the standup one, I can even do some easy exercises there.   Then I leave cheerfully, refreshed, warmed up, and dry, with my dotted face that is no longer ashamed.


Anikó K.

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