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Vertical unit

Gradation and temperateness according to your skin type.
Nowadays every client focuses on health and safety.
So we can gain their trust.
Our Spaghetti face tanners mean skin-protective new technology which tans quickly and without skin redness, wrinkling, drying or ageing the skin. They tan immediately and the skin does not tighten. Quality starts where needs are met before they are uttered.

Power input: 8810W
Size: 1100 x 930 mm                                           
  • Speaking tanning bed (welcomes the client, explains how to operate the set, says goodbye at the end of sunbathing)
  • CBS decorative light (cyber blue sky)
  • Elliptic shape (the only PERFECT tanning! At an equal distance from every point of the body!)
  • Built-in stereo sound system
  • Fan
  • Operation time counter
  • Post-cooling control
  • Mirror spotlight
  • Professional quick tanning turbo tube
Can be ordered with plexiglass or with grid construction.
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