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Cocoa Beach Bronzer 45X

Fast-acting tanning, bronzing and skin-care solarium cosmetics. While cannabis hydrates brown skin perfectly, shea butter regenerates it and turns it velvety soft. Jojoba oil and aloe vera with their complex, unique, natural effect, together with the bronzers, make a perfect opportunity to preserve the youthfulness of tan skin. The ingredient of the professional wrinkle filler hyaluronic  acid smoothes the skin and ensures, that your skin will be brilliant and well-groomed, and will stay velvety smooth and flexible. Thanks to the combined impact of the variety of bronzers, a deeper and darker golden brown skin can be attained. This pre-solarium cream gives you the ultimate effect when it is used with the KiwiSun green bio solarium. This cream is recommended to advanced solarium users, its effect can be seen immediately, and turns your skin into natural Caribbean dark tan. Get a tan, get beauty, get fresh with the KiwiSun health-conscious solariums, and enjoy with us the experience of tanning.

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We launched our KIWISUN JUICY FRUIT cream in 20 ml and 220 ml packages

It is a pre-tanning cream with immediate deep tanning complex which was developed especially for healthy EU 0.3 tanning tubes used in KiwiSun salons. With its up-to-date active substance and the protective effect of shea butter, it maximises tanning. It calms and hydrates the skin with a scent of exotic fruits. With an intense and safe tanning it provides an exceptionally beautiful, evenly auburn skin colour. Get tanned, pretty and refreshed in the health-conscious KiwiSun tanning salons!

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