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My success story...

My success story is just that I spent alook time looking for a tanning salon which is good for my white skin.   I’m one of the people with sensitive skin, Iburn very easily, I get red, and since Kiwisun has opened in Miskolc, I onlycome here.   I especially make use of theBio solarium.   It’s the first solarium,which doesn’t burn me and which I can use confidently.   The girls helped me choose the right tanninglength in the beginning.   I’m extremelyglad to take part in ongoing promotions, and I can use the machines in completesafety.
Impresszum   1139 Budapest, Rozsnyai utca 11. Telefon/Fax: (06-1) 350-9371 Mobil: (06-70) 371-3473