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My story started half a year ago

Hi everyone!

My story started half a year ago.    That’s when I moved to Eger to be with mypartner.   I’m a rural girl, this was abig change for me.   I’m far away fromeveryone that I was in daily contact with for 22 years.   Here in Eger I didn’t know anyone back then.   The absence of my loved ones really made mesuffer.   I noticed that it looked like Iwas starting to get depressed.   My workdidn’t make my life any easier.   Unfortunately I could enjoy 0 hours of sunshine during the summer due tomy job.   Then there was a bigchange.   I felt like it couldn’t continuelike this.   Thankfully, I was able tochange jobs.   Nevertheless, I was stillunhappy.   I didn’t have power overmyself.   I felt like my boyfriend wasn’thappy with me either.   Unfortunately Ireally let myself go.   Then one day whilegetting to know one of the neighbors, we discovered Kiwisun.   Neither of us had ever been to asolarium.   We got the idea to try itout.   Since then, we’ve been going everyweek.   That’s how we became friends.   My self-confidence grew.   Finally, I became the kind of girly womanthat I had been before.   My boyfriendoften mentions how good I look.   Strangers have started to flirt with me on a daily basis too.   For me, Kiwi didn’t just give me a tan afterthe very first session, but also new friendships, greater self-confidence,perhaps saving my relationship in the process.   I love to relax in your salon, and I almost feel myself filling withenergy, even after a long shift at work.   Thank you, Kiwisun, for making my integration into a new environmentmore beautiful and easier!
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