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I liked nice tan skin even when I was younger.

I liked nice tan skin even when I wasyounger.   In the summer women arebeautiful in the pieces of clothing that barely cover them, and in the winterthey are made unique by a healthy color full of life.   Going to a tanning salon really became a lifepriority for me after I got a panic disorder (in a word: a lack ofendorphin).   A part of this is that for along time I didn’t leave my apartment, I was unhappy, had symptoms of depression,and what’s more I had to take a lot of tablets to improve my mood.   They told me I would have to take them forthe rest of my life.   After many monthsof being shut inside in torment, I realized that I couldn’t live this way, thatI had to do something.   I have to go offin some direction.   I’ll never forget, ona grey November day, just like the one today, I collected all my willpower andmy first trip was to the Kiwisun solarium in Kolossy square.   It wasn’t easy to take that short trip there,I was afraid, that I would feel ill, but conquering myself I reached theGOAL!   Fifteen minutes later, which intoday’s world is no time at all, I left there smiling and recharged, becauseeven those first 10 minutes achieved their effect thanks to the UV light.   I didn’t even need any more, with thissuccess story in mind, I made the trip the next day, and the day after.   After a week and a half I was moreself-confident and positive, but my skin became tan, smooth, and silkytoo.   This increased my self-confidenceso much, that within 2 months I stopped taking my medication, because I feltthat I was strong enough, and I can solve my life problems without them...aaaaaand, I diiiiid!!!!   Since then I’vestopped taking medication, I lost weight, I’m smiling, cheerful, and tan.   I found a new workplace as well.   It’s just the cherry on top, that my newworkplace is at

Kolossy square. So, dear readers, pleasebelieve that THERE ARE MIRACLES!   Try thebenefits to mind and body of a solarium yourselves!   I warmly recommend it to everyone!

Zsuzsanna G.
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