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I go to the KIWISUN salon in Miskolc


For several years I’ve been going to theKIWISUN salon in Miskolc.   Previously, Ihad gone to several different salons, but none of them really caught my fancy.When I first went to a KIWISUN, I was surprised by the fact that the prettywoman greeted me with a smile, and told me everything I needed to know to get atan quickly and without any problems.   Intoday’s bustling world, coming in and lying down in this perfectly hygienic andclean solarium is a serious release.   During this time I always turn off and relax to the music, andunfortunately soon notice, that the time is up.   I only call KIWISUN an island of peace…

József K.
Impresszum   1139 Budapest, Rozsnyai utca 11. Telefon/Fax: (06-1) 350-9371 Mobil: (06-70) 371-3473