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Home remedies against illness

Although all summer the meteorologists sounded the alarm about the upcoming coldest winter of the century, now they’ve started saying that winter may practically not happen at all, it won’t hurt to prepare for a season of colds.
The last such illness, unfortunately, swept across the whole family, temporarily eliminating us from normal life.  I don’t know how other families deal with it, but in ours, if someone is sick, our relatives start offering all sorts of remedies.  (To say nothing of those attentive family members, who call with such kind sentences as, ”have you gotten the kid sick again?” or ”I can’t believe someone is always sick there”, or ”you know, we always wash our hands when we get home, and our children are never sick”, etc.)
Illness in our family is a public matter – at least, as far as giving advice goes.  So I’ve decided to collect all the tricks that really do work in our family, at least when it’s not one of those mutant diseases that make pharmacies rich which require antibiotics and take us off our feet.  Since it’s my  belief that the illness got to us unprepared, and that’s why it had such a bad effect, since we weren’t ready for the assault.  I’m getting the family ready for the winter with the 5+1 tricks below.  How are you preparing?

Grandma’s garlic elixir
My grandmother swears by honey garlic, but in our family only adults are willing to eat it.  For this I take a head of garlic and crush it with the edge of a knife, chop it finely, and mix it with honey.  A spoonful in the morning and at night has a really good effect on our bodies!

My mother-in-law’s ginger tea
The main advantage of this tea, is that Hubby always makes it for me! and when I’m sick, brings it to me in bed.  Take 2 fingers of fresh ginger, clean it and grate it finely.  He puts the mixture into a tea infuser and boil it in one liter of water.  After about ten minutes he turns off the plate and lets it cool until ready to drink.  Then he puts slices of lemon inside, and mixes it with honey.  In winter I take this in a thermos to work.

Granny’s onion tea
I think this is the simplest possible remedy against a cold: take a head of onion, and boil it in half a liter of water for about half an hour.  When it’s ready, cool it until it’s ready to drink, put honey in it and drink up!

Mom’s vitamin bomb
In winter my mom is contracted to make this delicious cocktail, then puts it away in a preserve jar and distributes it to the children-grandchildren.  As a first step, she peels a great many grapefruits, carefully removing the bitter white part.  Then in a big dish she mixes it liberally with honey – and it’s ready!  It’s best if it is allowed to stand for a few days, though in our place you really have to hurry if you want any of it.

Nana’s cure-all soup
When I was a child, if someone fell ill with some winter illness, Nana, our great-grandmother, appeared with a giant bag.  And she started making a soup.  Not just soup but THE SOUP, from real chicken, lots and lots of vegetables, and especially a good deal of garlic, and ginger.  You already started feeling better just from the scent coming drifting from the kitchen.  But the soup is not a quick remedy, it  is cooked for many hours.  When it was done cooking, Nana would slowly take everything out of the liquid, and chop up the chicken.  Then she put a chicken cloth on a tray, and on top of that a plate.  Into the plate went fine vermicelli, then the meat and vegetables, and finally the golden-colored liquid.  This got everyone cured as if on command.  I cook a giant portion of the life-saving soup at the start of winter, and freeze its liquid in portions, then use it as a soup base.

+ 1 my secret weapon
My secret weapon for keeping healthy in body and soul, for recharging and relaxing, is the solarium.  Although we can’t complain this year, since even in November we got a bit of sunshine, still, the autumn sun isn’t anything like the summer’s.  So it’s off to the solarium and sunshine.

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