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GREEN against exhaustion

While in the month of June the average number of hours of sunshine is 17 hours per day, by January this drops to just 7 hours.   It’s no wonder, then, that in the next few months we are more and more frequently tired, in a bad mood, we have difficulty concentrating on our tasks, and our immune system is weakened.   This is when we realize how much we need the vital rays of the sun.   It regulates not only the rhythm of being awake and asleep, but also has an effect on the hormone system, it regulates blood pressure and metabolism, it sharpens the mechanisms of detoxification.   GREEN against exhaustion: the color green in nature is the color of life, so it gives a feeling of fullness, it calms, and livens the nerves.   As the color of equilibrium, it helps both the senses, and emotions, and has a beneficial effect on certain heart problems.   The color green is beneficial to the heart and to the lungs.   It has an excellent effect against exhaustion.   I could go on listing the many benefits of KIWISUN, thanks to which I can recommend it to everyone, regardless of gender.   Description: ;)     Not to mention the fact that we can enjoy all this in a salon with a designer-look, is modern, hygienic, and has a family atmosphere. Description: :)

Krisztina T.

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