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Everyone needs some happiness hormone

Everyone needs some happiness hormone.   Whether you’re young or old.   It reduces the feeling of pain in the body, and is even able to elicit a feeling of euphoria.   Who would resist this feeling during their everyday life?! :) The positive thoughts, exercise, chocolate, intimacy, sunshine..and we could keep listing the factors that influence this hormone.   I feel lucky that KIWISUN solarium offers me this service as well.   If I’m looking for a little endorphin-cocktail, combined with a bit of relaxation, then there’s nothing else to do but knock the door of the nearest salon.   In the few minutes I spend in the salon, I’m refreshed, my body takes on the heat of the solarium, and my skin color radiates with the natural tan.   Self-confidence is an essential trait for a woman.   I feel like there’s nothing missing from me, KIWISUN’s services help me raise my self-esteem every time I use them... and those who are happier, are more successful in every area of life, and the results we want to achieve are not light-years away! :)   Inner balance is important... don’t be afraid of the new possibilities life gives!   I hope as many people as possible get to know KIWISUN’s beneficial effects!!! :)





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