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Dear Girls, let this story be a lesson to you to believe that you are wonderful!

Dear Girls, let this story be a lesson to you to believe: you are wonderful.   I’ll start right in the middle of my story: after a long illness and struggle, I finally went through a successful operation two years ago.   Due to the constant medication and hardships, my weight was constantly fluctuating, as a result of which I completely lost the tightness of my breasts.   The two sizes were also totally different from each other, so I always hid them, so nobody would notice.   I was ashamed.   I started going to a Kiwi salon, because I found it relaxing and I felt it restored my balance.   I went tanning one Saturday, and a pretty girl was working there, with an enviable cleavage.   Then I suddenly had the idea that I don’t want to keep living in a body like mine at 27 years old.   While I tanned, I made a serious decision.   On Monday I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon.   I was very worried about the financials of it.   Then I found out I would be able to make installment payments.   I was happy, we agreed on the details.   5 weeks later I got the surgery, and since then I’ve accepted myself, together with my imperfections.   I wish all of you a similar success story, have faith in yourself, because you deserve it.   And ever since then my mantra every morning is: ”something amazing will happen to me.”   P.T

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