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Would you have the courage to begin a new startup without having a stable background? In the current economical climate this is very risky. Which operational method would you choose and which method do you place the most trust in?

A street burger vendor or a member of a multinational restaurant chain? It makes a difference doesn't it?

What is then the key to success, what is a secure investment?

The solution is to join an existing franchise that offers a popular brand name and a complete investment and operation concept that make a complete investment transparent.
The foreign and domestic partners of the increasingly popular KiwiSun Solarium franchise network can confirm that the guarantee of a successful business and business return is the franchise system.
You can now join a successful franchise network and start a business in the name of success and health awareness.

Immediate advantages on the competitive market for KiwiSun Solarium studios:

•    popular brand name
•    exclusive regional immunity
•    appealing image and complete unified conception
•    financial planning and investment calculation
•    implementation support

•    operational and professional monitoring, complete know-how
•    central technical and educational service
•    central marketing and national campaigns
•    local marketing support
•    official certification, quality assurance system

You can now become a member of the successful KiwiSun team without paying the entry fee.

Info: franchise@kiwisun.hu

For information on investments and conception stop by our showroom or call!
Telephone: +36 20 9651 681

KiwiSun Solarium – a safe and appealing investment in the name of health awareness.

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