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A small candy, and sunshine

It was a cold and clammy autumn day,there were few people in the streets.   Ipulled my coat tight around my neck, I was cold.   Hurriedly, I walked quickly along the streetsof Debrecen, when I once more noticed myself looking at KiwiSun’s display witha bit of shame.   I’m not the type to usea solarium, I have a lot of birthmarks, and a result of this is that from faraway my skin shines like a white top in a disco.   Ever since I saw on the net, that there issuch a thing as a bio-solarium, I’ve been dying to try it out.   Fine, I will convince myself to do it.   NOW!   Umbrella, down, door handle down, foot, inside, and I was standing thereby the counter full of candies.   A bit ofinformation, then on to cabin number 5!   (My lucky number, surprisingly.)   7 minutes of ”sunshine”, music, and relaxation.   (and a bit of dance, but don’t tellanyone!)   I must say, it felt really,really nice.   Anyway I’m the type of truesummer girl, who starting in March already is looking for the first rays ofsunshine.   On my way out, I even investedin a pass, with a free session, and a free smile.   4 days later I returned happily, and I’vebeen doing that every week since, twice a week.   (Strictly one candy per session.   Well all right, maybe two.    ;) )   Since then I’ve felt a little more sure ofmyself, and it’s had a decidedly positive effect on my mood.   So I’m imagining myself there again.   Tomorrow it’s back to KiwiSun!


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